Saturday 24 January 2015

I'm only going to post about my sleeping habits forever

Seriously, it's five in the morning. I was drawing. And suddenly it was five in the morning. I was drawing and listening to an audiobook and music. Focusing on three different things at once is perfect for me. But I don't really notice the passage of time.

In other news; I'm actually seeing a psychologist next week! Amaze! After three years of being super fucking depressed! Yay! I asked my doctor if I could try to not be medicated maybe but she says no and I'm worried that they'll start screwing with the therapy if I'm not following their orders. I've been medicated for three years and I don't know if it "helps" at all. I'm alive but also pretty dysfunctional. Maybe it would be worse without meds. Maybe not. I'll never know (if they get their way). 

I'm worried that I'll be smarter than the psychologist. They don't like that. Neither do I. 

I really should sleep now.  

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