Monday 23 March 2009


There's a fork in the road, up ahead
I'm not there yet but I'm getting closer

The fork used to look different.
None of these roads are yellow, none in a forest.

One road is straight, broad
the other I cannot see but I know it's there

It used to be different. Used to be three roads, one clearly visible, the two others not.

Now, since I seem to have made a choise
I kept to one road, left the other ones behind
everything looks different.
I'm still on the same road but the landscape changed
around me it's spring
ahead I cannot see.

So how can I choose?
I know now that the choise I will make - the choise I have to make
will be
of utmost importance.

How can I know which road to take?

The one less traveled is not really an option
nor am I at the middle of my life's road.

Nor am I in a forest, lost.

I have two roads ahead. One leads on
the other, I cannot see

But wherever I choose to go I have been before
and yet never ever seen.

Both lead to mountains,
both mountains, when the top is reached, give me a splendid view
If I can get there.

There is a fork, ahead.


Anonymous said...

du ar sa javla fantastisk hela tiden. jag lyssnar pa 16 horsepower och forsoker reda ut svara saker. har precis last din blogg. Och du kan. gora fatastiska saker med vaskor, gora de finaste fiskarna for en vagg, torlla med ord, trosta som fa, anornda partyn med battre frekvens and ernst billgren, eller vem den kande festfixaren nu var... Att lasa din gaffeltext hjalpe mig faktist. tack finemaniga kristina


Anonymous said...

a knife a fork a bottle and a Cork thats the way we spell new york.