Tuesday 27 January 2009


Just because yesterday was such a good day... I had a lot to do, a lot to keep my mind busy, to keep me occupied, to keep my mind off... stuff...

Of course I had to dream about him. We where searching for each other in a big forest. Mobile phones made it easier. And we found each other, and it was like it always is when we reunite in my dreams. Great. Then I woke up, and it felt shitty, and the rest of the day felt mostly shitty as well. 

I used to dream about him all the time. We used to joke about it. We used to joke about most things. 

It does'nt matter anymore. We will never be together and I'm trying to accept that. 

Whatever... Tonight was pretty good, me, Ida and Maria had Swedish Meatballs with potatoes, sauce and lingonsylt. Kickass. 

Also my darling, my Mr. Pink, my dear harddrive, is not feeling well. It's frustrating and takes a lot of my time. 

Listening to: Tobbe "Sjökexet" Carlsson's mashup remixes, like Kaah vs. Timbaland - The Way Dom Tittar.

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