Thursday 8 January 2009

home where the heart is.

I've spent eight hours a day, every weekday, in the same place for a little more than a year now. I could imagine moving, although I really don't want to, but I cannot imagine quitting here. Seriously. I'm moving to another department - sooner than expected, even - but in reality it's not many metres away. Five, maybe. The same room, the same co-workers, a different job.

But as I leave my old department, it will shut down.

It feels nothing less than strange. It has been my base since I came here. It's a releif to understand why things have been the way they have lately, but... I really don't want the people that I have been working with untill now to leave. Many will be transferring to other accounts I'm sure. All of them I hope. With all my heart.

Change is life. That does noot mean that it always feels good.

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