Saturday 13 December 2008

sunshine and coffee

Just woke up after thirteen hours of sleep. Thirteen well needed hours. And some strange dreams, bordering on nightmares. Now I'm listening to jazz, drinking coffee, and trying to figure some things out. I have tried for some time now but I'm getting nowhere, basically because I'm not very good at controlling my emotions. 

Well. I think I wont get out of this labyrinth for a while. 

Now I'm going to watch Heroes (maybe the series with the most good looking guys in it ever) and then do some cleaning up, and then the christmas shopping of doom. And maybe I'll pop by Viola's with Mr. Pink.

Listening to: Mood Indigo - Nina Simone (From a compilation of 24 versions of the same song. Her version is probably the best. Ella Fitzgerald does a good one, but Nina has more go.)

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