Friday 12 December 2008

no, this is madness

Been very stuck on this flashgame the last couple of days. It drives me nuts. I get to question 92, where I always die.

Apart from that training is going well I guess, I took my first call yesterday, or, well, made my first call actually. It was no biggie though, only a password reset. But still.

Last night me and Ida where out with a couple of guys from the Swedish headquarters of our department. Great fun. Quite tired today.

Today we had Luciafika and Helen's sister had made us the best cake ever (DELICIOUS CAKE) and we had lussekatter and glögg and pepparkakor.

And after work I went down the pub for one. And then went home. Incredible!

And now it's ten and there is not a chance that I will be able to stay awake much longer. Slept for four hours or so last night and I've got a lot of christmas shopping to do tomorrow! Watched the first two episodes of season three of Heroes and had a snack box from Hillbilly's and now I'm almost dislocating my jaw from yawning so keep all yours fingers crossed that the weather tomorrow will be splendid!  

Good night!

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