Sunday 14 December 2008

rum and ginger ale

Instead of shopping. Got absolutely nothing done yesterday, exept from the dishes, and I had quite a lot of rum in the evening at Björn and Viola's place, with Emil, Egon, Hannah and Eoghan. (Eoghan is not from Rohan, as you might think. He's a local boy and his name is pronounced Owen.)

It was a very nice night. Actually the day wasn't so bad either, in retrospect. Relaxing. Now I'm having some breakfast and then I'm cleaning up a bit and then I'm going over to Viola's again to have some christmas coziness with her and Hannah. Risgrynsgröt which is the Swedish equivalence of rice pudding and stuff like that. 

Listening to: Ananda Shankar - A Life in Music (SR Världen, Swedish webbradio with world music and such.)

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