Monday 8 December 2008

put your hands up

Not writing does not mean I have nothing to write. It only means I would just write the wrong things.

This last week I watched the whole first season of Heroes, and a couple of episodes from season two. Great stuff. Exept for the total fail when one character comes to Cork. Filmed in Limerick. Hmpf. Totally wrong accents and everything. And it's really annoying that they always have to throw in a bit of romantic props that look "Irish", like a crook wearing a baker boy cap and stuff like that. People here don't look at all like they do in american minds. Surprise surprise.

The christmas party was super fun.

It's really hard to write when I don't want to tell what my fingers wants to write.

Can't let go.

Listening to: Mr. Vegas - Raging Bull

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