Wednesday 20 February 2008


I saw a guy at Tesco today that I flirted with at the bróg couple of weeks ago, and he was not cute at all when I was sober. Can you even begin to grasp my immense dissapointment? On the other hand I saw a guy at Tesco yesterday that I didn't flirt with this weekend, only talked to a bit, and he was much cuter when I was sober (and could actually focus). So it kindof puts me back on equilibrium, but still. Oh well. One bartender a month is enough.

This is blogpost number 200.

I looked through all my facebook albums today (Maria finally got her computer from Sweden) and got all mushy. And a bit scared since they're all from parties. Anyhow, happy times, some of them.

Mom and Robin are coming to visit me! Yay! In may. I'm looking forward to it so very very much. And I've already started on the list of stuff I'm gonna make them bring...

Today I made spaggetti bolognese. It's going to last for a week. I've been making food for at least three people every time I cook so I made the most vast amount of food ever. Also, We watched Buffy. More than half way through season two now.

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