Sunday 25 May 2008

Shake my ground

Life is more than just life. It's a situation.

Just tell me to stop hoping. Tell me it will never be. Tell me to stop wishing. Tell me to let go.

Yeah, dad, your right. Really. There is so much more to life than boys.

So: I cannot ******* believe Russia won the Eurovision. Sweden got one twelve and it was from Malta! Backstabbed by all of Scandinavia exept Denmark as well. It was fierce competition but Russia!?! That song blew! Why not Israel or France or even Spain!?! Or... Sweden? Even "Shady Lady" was better and I hated that song as well. Ukraine came in on second place second year in a row. How on earth could Sweden fall behind Iceland? And that insanely bad pirate song? Bosnia Herzegovina should have won. Or... Anything. But Russia. My god. Sweet lord candy jesus.

But for all my Swedish readers: the guy talking in Ireland (the equivalence of Pekka Heino that is) was insanely funny. Win.

Even Greece would have been better since I could imagine going to Greece (yes I do want to go to the final one day. It would be awesome). On the other hand, theres bound to be a huge party in Moscow.

In other news the local rugby team, Munster, won the Hieneken cup final against Toulouse tonight. The whole city has been hysterical about that. The Rebel Army and stuff.

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