Sunday 25 May 2008

salt and sugar

Chips and olives for breakfast untill my mouth is numb from all the salt, three or four in the afternoon in front of the tv, drinking coffee and crying to the old american movie about doomed love, home alone. Writing long emails and short ones.

Wrestling in bed with my friends, tickling and hugging and eating more chips, loosing faith in the world after listening to Olof's stories from Palestine. Pancakes (Swedish ones) for dinner, very sweet with jam and whipped cream.

Downloaded Curse of Monkey Island. And Beethoven's first to ninth, and Ika i Rutan. (Ika in the screen, best children's tv show ever. Every episode.)

Remembering the past with Maria in the kitchen late at night, bringing back memories that hurt. Childhood.

Sunday. I am truly thankful for my friends.

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