Friday 9 May 2008


Today I had a nice date, in the Irish rain. I like sitting outside when it's raining. As long as there's a roof. And there was. So it was nice. I also found out that a million bands I love will be playing here this summer and I will most likely miss them all since the tickets are already sold out. BRMC played tonight but that's alright. But Buena Vista Social Club, Massive Attack and Lou Reed are some names I would gladly ad to the list though. (Jay Z does not really feel important though.)

Apart from that, I feel that I'm kinda growing as a person, which I don't like. So no more cheese-based food for me for a while. More veggies. (That's easy... anything is more than nothing.)

So no real news about the dude in the UK. I think about him a lot. He would probably say that I think to much. Let me tell you something about myself. I really do think to much. But anyone who think's they've figured out what I think about is damn wrong.

Time to sleep. I also want to mention that my friends rock. They see if I'm in a bad mood immediately. I feel safe but not trapped, which might be a first.

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