Sunday 13 January 2008

Another version of the truth

Allright, I've been a bit lousy on updating recently, but not much has happened. Not to me anyways. Ida has been promoted and Hannah is going to move to another department and a friend of Sara's is coming to work with us, we did'nt play football, the week was kindof slow and stressy at the same time, watched some movies... Nothing interesting.

The weekend had some more action though. Me and Sara are looking for a house. Friday was insane, afterwork and rum and not very much food and interesting people. Very interesting. One very interesting person even, but more about that at some other time.

Saturday was Buffynight and the hangover from hell, and sunday has been nice with anime and chilli.

And tomorrow is back to work again.

But I'm moving away from my beloved jacuzzi, my beloved friend mr. Dead Rat who will obviously never be removed from the back yard, beloved leaky ceiling, beloved no heating, beloved builders stealing stuff... Wich feels good.

So yeah. Now for some more anime, then home to the jacuzzi.

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