Friday 6 March 2015

Rage moment

A few days ago a swedish feminist gamer drew some cool fanart with like functioning clothes on female game characters. I loved it, I hate it when female characters in games have idiotic outfits. It kept all the personality and attitude of the characters but the clothes would actually stay on their bodies if they moved. Most of them were from fight games so movement is def an issue.

A few days later she has been threatened and hated on and criticized by people all over the world.

This makes me furious. I started sweating from anger when I read the article.

I'm also insanely proud and happy that the only person I know who works in game design actually decided to put some functioning clothes on a character in a game that came out the other day. I'm so impressed and also totally infatuated but enough about that.

I can't shake the rage off. I just want to take up space and be allowed to have opinions and a voice. Like everyone should be able to. Every woman. The right to say no to stupid outfits. The right to be overweight. The right to feel attractive. The right to feel beautiful without having to worry about thigh gaps and stupid shit like that. Without impossible ideals. Without being sexualized. Bah. 

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