Tuesday, 9 June 2009

liver, zombies, giggle

I actually went down to the English Market today at lunch. Was in a bad mood over not going to the gym this morning but the impressive efficiency I managed to work up during one short little hour made me happier again. I bought liver. Liver is really cheap! So tonight I'm making liver stew for Joe and if he doesn't like it I'll give hime some pie or something. I have a million lunch boxes in the fridge. So no panic.

Here is a little list of films I want to see: Miss Nobody, Tribes of October and I sell the Dead.

And here's a picture of the Man of the Week:

Tahmoh Penikett

The Man of the Week tradition is not back, but I want to make people aware of how hunky he is.

Tomorrow me, Maria and Hannah are possibly having a giggly girly night with pesto chicken, hair colouring and bleaching, maybe some silly movies and maybe some toenail painting. We'll see.

Stay classy!

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