Thursday 11 June 2009


Maria left for Sweden today and Olof just left for his new house. Got the house to myself for a few days. In just one week I leave for Sweden as well.

And just one week ago me, Maria, Hannah, Eoghan and Ida (and eventually Joe as well) where having goodbye drinks at Tom Barry's. I haven't had a drink since, which is a pretty long time for me. I mean, I not an alcoholic but I live in Ireland. There is one social venue. The pub.

Joe is at his folks place tonight.

So yeah everyone I know goes away in the end kind of feeling at the moment. I mean, I'm not angsty, Maria comes back on sunday and life is peachy in general and I don't mind being alone one evening (or two, or seven) but I'm in a really lousy mood and today I would have wanted to hang out with someone.

Here is where I would have told you the reason why I'm pissed off but I wont. Ask me if you're interested.

Listening to: Buraka som Sistema on Spotify and WOW I love them.

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