Friday 29 August 2008


It is here. The money. Or actually not here, it's flowing through cyberspace, on it's way to my account. From my other accound. Gonna be interesting to see when I'll get it.

Yesterday I met my uncle and cousins for some tacos and some talking and it was really nice, then I came to Emilia's and we have been hanging out, drinking tea, watching How to loose a guy in 10 days, walking, playing with her beautiful baby daughter, talking, drinking wine, playing cards, eating lasagna and ice cream and you get the point.

Tomorrow we are going for lunch in Enköping and after that I'm going back to Stockholm for a little while more before I go down south to see dad and Ullis and all of my brothers and sisters, one of them for the first time ever. And I come bearing no gifts at all, for anyone. Exept dad.

Now It's late, spent the last hour or so deleting spam and doing some tired, confused FFF-work. Since I'm half asleep I have to admit I did't get very far.

Looking forward to a weekend in Stockholm even though I would have loved to stay here in Enköping for another week or so...

Right below here, where it says what time posts are posted, that's Irish time. I'm actually posting this at twenty to three at night. Swedish time. Oh your GAWD I'm tired.

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