Monday 25 August 2008

scandos everywhere!

And no one speaks skånska! It's so weird! Tall, blonde swedes. Everyone understands my secret language. And they talk like me almost.

Uppsala is a really sweet city, feels a bit small-ish, mentally, with old wooden houses and such, in bright contrast to Lund's wannabe big city-image. This kind of village feeling.

It's really strange being back in Sweden. I can't say I really feel that it's my home, but then again I never lived in Uppsala so maybe that's why. I'm looking forward to going south a lot, meeting my new baby sister and my new computer (thanks again dad) and FFF! It's gonna be so much fun.

Want to say again that my mom is probably the bestest mom evarr. It's really unusual to realize that people turn their heads after her, not me. I am kinda ordinary in comparison for once. Fun stuff!

Looking forward to meeting lot's of friends and having lot's of fun all week! In the sunshine! La vida e bella or something. This is the first day of the rest of my vacation.

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