Thursday 27 March 2008

Reminds me

My god. My brain is about to explode. Filled with thoughts.

Iv'e been moved over to the Swedish team. But I'm still backup for UK and Holland. Iv'e got money back from tax, but I wont get it for a couple of months.

Tonight me and Sara are going to dinner at Eva's. It will probably be exellent since it will be roast lamb, wich I love.

I miss Amalie.

The sun is shining.

I keep thinking about a thing that happened almost ten years ago. The first time I really fell in love. I waited for this guy, for ages. He lived kinda far away, and several different things got in the way (him being sentenced was one). After about six months or so, I met someone else. I still had that other guy on my mind, a lot, but the guy I met was really nice. Of course, as soon as I was unavailable, the first guy realized that he had very strong feelings for me. He asked me to leave my new boyfriend and I was more than happy to. I was in heaven.

The distance made him loose interest in just a couple of months. We had a fight, but we made peace after a week or so, and he is still a very good friend of mine. I was very young, and healed quickly. (He still misses a finger though.)

Now time has passed. But history does repeat itself, does it not?

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Anonymous said...

jepp, vad är detta för mönster?