Wednesday 27 March 2013

Oh my love

I feel silly, like I want to sing love songs or write poetry. Bad poetry.
I miss you, I long for you, I burn for you. I can't stand falling asleep without you for 69 more nights. I can't stand it I can't.
Oh my love. You fill my heart with songs and sweetness. Jam and candy. Sunshine and orange juice. You are the one I want. The one I want to be with, to share stuff with. Watch tv with. Wake up with.
Oh my love. So sharp is the contrast between your warm skin and beautiful smile, your eyes like sunshine through beech leaves in the spring and this cold, hard, icy shithole.
Where people are small and spit their venom like pissed off mosquitoes. Only more meaningless.
Oh love. This place makes me sad. You make me happy. I'll be with you soon.

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