Tuesday 11 August 2009


Today is tuesday amazingly, feels like... wednesday maybe. Yesterday I was so tired after work I had to have a nap and I didn't make any dinner, had chinese with Joe instead, and watched The Wire at his place, and had a white russian.

Today I went to the gym after work, worked out pretty hard wich felt great and got so much energy! Then I went home and made the best stew ever by simply pouring about a decilitre of Sherry in it. It was awesome. Awesome. I think I might post the recipe at some point.

And when I had finished dinner it was like eight and I had time to clean the upstairs bathroom! Great! And in ten minutes Joe is picking me up and we're going to see Mesrine: Killer Instinct. Seeing the trailer yesterday made me almost frantic ("Oh my god oh my god Vincent Cassel and a lot of guns look at all the guns oh my god I have to see it let's go see it Joe let's see it!") and I've been reading about Vincent Cassel and also his insanely beautiful wife Monica Bellucci all day.

But anyway, today's biggest news is probably not that I got perfume in my eye but that I'll be going to Stockholm for a couple of days next week. Really just a couple of days, but I'm really looking forward to it! Going to see my poor mom before she turns into a pig, gonna hug my crazy cats before they're somebody else's, see some friends before I see them again and that's pretty much all I have time for.

Now: Vincent Cassel and a lot of guns!

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Turn in to a pig????