Monday 17 December 2007


So this weekend was a bit chaos and mayhem. But I'm ok. The party on friday was wild, crazy and lasted for about sixteen hours. On saturday I had the greatest hangover-day ever, with apple pie, pizza, youtube and nice people. On sunday, shopping. Nice. Bought a well-needed sweater.

Iv'e stayed out of the house most of the weekend, and when I came home on sunday evening the livingroom and kitchen was tidy again. Wich was nice. And later on Gaƫl came back from his trip to Dublin with a blender, wich was also nice.

The most amazing part of all this was that I actually wasn't extremely hungover on saturday. I was hungover, but not tequila-shots-from-a-mug kind of hungover.

Well, monday is over and I have to go to the postoffice.

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