Saturday 23 May 2015

That thing that happens

If I have a lot of things planned. Like three. I freeze. I sit on my bed thinking "I'm going to get dressed and sort my laundry and brush my hair" "I'm going to the laundry room and the market and the shop".

But it overpowers me. Everthing. I can't get dressed. I sit in my bed, around me is some clothes. Stuff to put on and wear. But I can't really. I can't combine them. I can't stand up and start.

I had breakfast and that's good. It's a start. So why can't I just get started for real?

I get annoyed with myself and it makes me even more inactive.

Eventually I manage to trick myself into a small movement, I stand up to reach something or so, and I take the chance to quickly put on a dress.

It happens a few times that I forget to keep moving forward and sit and stare, and I have to deal with it all over again.

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