Wednesday 29 May 2013


I stayed up late last night, working in the workshop. Got a lot done but still have a lot left to do. 

Today we're cleaning out the workshop though. I just carried the third or fourth loa of stuff back to my room and I'm warm and tired and in a crappy mood. I just want to hide in a closet for a week. In the dark, alone. 

I have so much to do. Too much. I don't want to leave the workshop, I didn't realize how sad it was going to make me. I won't come back in three months. This is goodbye, might be final. 

Tonight there's a party, a masquerade. I'm going to wear my horns. Found my pointy ears too. 

Don't want to go. Not now. Hope I'll feel like it tonight. 

Tomorrow we're having a last 'fika' with our class and on Friday it's the last day and then it's all over. And also exactly one week until I leave. Nine days today. Single digit. 9. 

Feels good. 

This morning Sanna, who will be storing my stuff over the summer, said she might not fit anymore. I still have most of my things. So I'm a bit panicky over that. 

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