Friday 31 May 2013


We've all got it. Only I got more. 

My room is chaos. It is filled with stuff. So much stuff. Impossible amounts of stuff. I need professional fucking help. 

I'm in panic, I can't relax, and it's been going on for weeks. It's not healthy.

I have nobody though. Nobody helps me pack. Nobody to tell me to relax. Nobody to let me know what I should keep and what I should give away. 

This constant panic makes me tired and confused. I can't focus. I can't see what's important or not. 

I'm sitting in my bed, in front of my tiny pink laptop, trying to go through some pictures that I need to print.

I'm blogging on my phone. Around me is chaos. Inside me is chaos. 

On my bed with me is broken jewelry, clean clothes, my handbag, toilet paper, boxes of jewelry making supplies. On the floor around my bed is trash, papers, dirty dishes, jewelry, knitting projects, tape, one leg warmer, yarn, boxes of jewelry making supplies, stickers, a paper cutter, books, a bank card reader, laces, small bags, pieces of a broken silk blouse, clothes, shoes, cables, a mirror and two electric candles. Among other things.

It's Friday afternoon. On Sunday I have to be out. 

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