Monday 26 March 2012

Red fever

I had lunch and I was gonna go return a hair-thing I bought last week, but Kicks is right around the corner at the mall so I kinda accidentally went in to look for a blusher. I found one (very strange that the picture seems to be of a totally different product), obviously, and a new lip lacquer and stain from Lumene... I've been thinking of buying another lip lacquer since I have one that I love. This new one seems VERY nice!!!

Ah, I'm happy. No more make up this month tho... Bought a brown eye shadow palette a few days ago, and a new nail polish (nr. 91 I think) that I haven't even had time to try yet! It's red as well tho and I think it's going to go very well with the rest of this shock-red makeup.

The blusher is super lovely on. Dollface-warning. And the lip lacquer applied on top of a little bit of lip balm makes a lovely sheer reddish-pink hue.

Note: While googling for pictures of porcelain dolls with rosie cheeks I found so much weird stuff. The internet man. The internet.

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