Wednesday, 26 July 2017

All year I dream about it

And when it's here I never want it to end. I love summer, warm weather, sunshine, being outdoors.

We chose our house because of the garden, we felt like it had so much possibility. A roofed deck, a lot of planting space, a lawn, another deck! Space to have bbq's, space to hang out with friends, long summer evenings looking out over the Sheffield hills... but unfortunately a representative from the council came by and looked at the decking and told us it's too rotten to even stand on. It needs to be switched before we can walk or sit or stand on it.

And our landlord doesn't feel like it. So now we have a lawn and a shitload of woodlouse. And our garden is nothing but a reminder of disappointment. A symbol of how much goes wrong with this house. And when it gets colder those woodlouse are going to start finding their way indoors again.

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