Friday, 4 July 2014

Silly analysis

Reading about astrology (greek for "thinking about stars" - beautiful no?) and watching Elementary at the same time resulted in me analyzing traits a little. I have decided that Sherlock Holmes (at least the version of the character portrayed in Elementary) is a Virgo, born late in august. I have no idea if the character has an actual "birthday" (in the show or books) but he has a lot of Virgo traits. Joan Watson could be a Cancer. Possibly born in the first half of july.

Now it's really late and I can feel the night hunger starting to sneak up on me. And night eating leads to an even crappier sleep schedule so to bed I go!

I did do the cleaning today! And I paid a bill. Tomorrow I'll pay the other one. And meet my mother. And maybe start a new knitting, I have been experimenting with a design that I can't really get to work but I have some new ideas.

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