Sunday 22 June 2014


Had the weirdest dream! Nine people who where reincarnated over and over again and had to find each other every time. Tried to understand what their quest was. Over and over. One was the leader. One was a scientist I think. There was a warrior as well. And there was a book.

One of the reincarnations was some kind of stone age. One was really strange, maybe a distant future.

Slept from two to nine. Really tired after an amazing week. One of my oldest friends was here with his wonderful, beautiful woman and their chaos troll cubs. I love them so much. I wish I could live with them. (But have a room of my own instead of sleeping on a leather sofa. Ugh.)

At the moment I'm watching "The Darjeeling Limited" by Wes Anderson who is one of my favorite directors.

And I think I'm going to be able to sleep! Amazing.

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