Monday 26 August 2013

Klipp dig och skaffa ett jobb

[clip day aw skaphah eht job] cut your hair and get a job

I'm at Dina's place in Lidingö, a large island that can be described as a suburb to Stockholm I guess. 

I went to a job interview last week and I really really really hope I get it, even though it would be hard to get time off to visit Ben. I'm going to ask Dina if I can print some cv's and hand them out at a lot of shops tomorrow. And I'm gonna translate it and apply for jobs in England as well I think. 

I feel directionless, I know where I want to go but it's a long way into the future right now, the path isn't clear. I don't know how to get there or even if I can. If I ever will. 

It makes me sad to feel that way and the sadness makes me apathetic. 

But I try to fight it. 

I should try to find a job somewhere else than in Stockholm I guess, it's so expensive to live here. 

I'm thinking of Enköping, a town an hour or two from Stockholm. A childhood friend lives there and I think saving money would be easier there. 

Being homeless and broke isn't all it's cut out to be. 

First off I'm gonna make a bunch of important phone calls. I hate making phone calls. But I'm gonna do it, right now. 

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