Thursday, 5 June 2008


I'm feeling utterly pathetic. Not only in the way of the emo, also in the way of everything goes wrong. (I'm a bad emo. I listen to Mr Mister instead of my bloody autumn leaves and bullets of iron and crackheads. And I don't look like the alternative kids who hang out outside Tesco.) Why all the death? Ok, the lady earlier mentioned who died, she was not very close. But yeah, it's really no fun anyways. And yesterday I found out that my mom might have to put her cat to sleep since he is terrorizing my cat, wich just feels... terrible and awful. I'm so sad for Artemis, who is the sweetest little ladycat, and who gets beaten up by Ramses. And I'm sad for Ramses who is obviosly very troubled. I really wish there was some other way, but he gets worse and worse. I don't know.

Today started out bad. Lot's of calls the first hour, which sucks cause I'm never awake. And yesterday was really bad. I am usually the happy one, I can handle customers even if they yell at me and I don't really let anything get to me. Two breakdowns in one day, not so nice. Today I got a norweigan call with a lady who had a really tricky accent and I almost started crying just from the frustration of not being able to communicate. I've got so much on my mind.

My first call from New Zealand came in today, and it took us a while to be able to tell her our opening hours. The support line is open to kiwi customers between seven and eleven at night. Great hours. It was fun anyhow.

Argh I'm tired and hungry and I just wish life could be a little bit easier right now.

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