Sunday 1 June 2008


This weekend has been interesting and fun in many ways. On friday I hurt my eye and on saturday I hurt my toe and my neck is still hurting and yeah, other stuff hurt as well.

We had a great dinner yesterday, thaifood, and then we went to Fransiscan Wells where we had a great night, wich ended late, after an afterparty. The whole day was really good. And today, things are not so good. (Not only because Rebel Red is a really mean beer, tastes great but down three and your head is going to kill you the next day, there are other things too.)

Everyone dissapears. It's true. They dissapear like smoke, disintegrate, can't hold my attention. I have the attentionspan of a child. Everyone else. I did'nt plan this.


I discovered A3 today. And everyone is making fun of my bells. I really like them. I don't sound like a reindeer but above all I do not look like one! People are mean.

Also I can't remember when I felt so alone before. I'm sure I have, but not in a very long time. Not only alone, also lonely, and a bit forgotten.

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