Saturday, 31 May 2008


God. In a city with a million "adult stores", who would have thought that finding a gagball would be this hard? Well, we succeeded at long last.

Birthdaypresents for Johan and Viola has been purchased and given, to general gladness.

The bartenders have both moved on with their lives, I guess.

We were out last night, me, Maria and Olof found a lot of new places and interesting people with long legs and short skirts. I've spent a lot of money today and now I'm tired from spending all that money, and lot's of time, in town. Looks like were going out tonight as well, maybe via some asian restaurant. Who knows. My neck hurts from a lot of headbanging at the damn Bróg last night.

It's summer, a lot of summer. I have summery blues. Sitting on the kitchen floor listening to the Prodigy. ("Keith Flint är en tunnelbana" - Johan) The thing is, I'm actually quite happy. Sometimes I'm really happy. Some people make me really happy. It's just that the same people (read person) that make the most happy are the ones (is the one) who make me sad.

I love living in this house though. I love it.

Nicolai left today. He's going back to Denmark to play poker. I'm really sad to see him go.

Memorable moments last night: wonderful team dinner, "Jesus f'***ing wept!", Viola at ZamZam's and jumping on Johan.

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Tenshi said...

so you had the team dinner without me... *feeling left out*

anyway, hope the gagball was for johan ;)