Wednesday 28 May 2008


Sometimes it feels like... it will never work. Whatever. There's nothing I can do and there's no use in even thinking about it. Sometimes it feels like there's nothing I can do and I can't breathe.

Do you remember that time when we walked out to the lake and there were swans and you kissed me and I said no, we can't kiss now, it would be to cliché with the lake and the swans and the spring and the sunset and I could almost hear violins and we laughed and we saw a swan with a crooked leg? Remember? I saw that swan today, the one with the screwed up leg, and it wasn't very painful to remember that day. Not... very painful. On our way back I told you secrets from my past, things I don't tell people very often. And it wasn't even hard to think about it or talk about it with you. It was a really good day.

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