Thursday, 12 June 2008


I wish there was a way.

So much I want to say and no way in hell to say it. So many words, written and erased again. All these words. And their big meanings.

Listening to a lot of Prodigy.

Thanks mom! The box arrived, packed with great stuff from Sweden. Salt for Johan, spices, hair and skin care products, contacts (!), Kalles, a new top, loads of great stuff. Wonderful.

So... Work is alright.... Should be on Irish line full time but so far I'm only higher priority, and still taking as many Swedish, Norwegian and Danish calls as before. So hell of a lot of calls but it's better than to be on only Irish.

Guess I'm kinda happy/sad. Or happy/annoyed. Or something. Getting a bit tired... It will probably feel better in the morning, I guess. I hope. I don't know. Today has been a good day, and still, lots of calls, kinda annoyed. Been in a good mood though. Not as tired as I thought I would be. (I am now though.)

Wierd doublemood! Wierd!

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