Wednesday, 11 June 2008

global fussball ok

Damn, that game lifted my spirits. If anyone happens to be hanging around down there, on the continent, there is nothing I would like more than Zlatan's autograph... It's my birthday soon.

On the more serious side of things. If it wasn't for work and my friends I would feel utterly meaningless. But I'm on eight markets at work, and I get calls on all of them, so I kinda feel like I'm doing... well, if not important, at least a big job. Important too, I guess.

And I really do feel at home with all of my friends.

But still. There's this feeling, like I just can't be... happy. Like I have no power over my life. Like I mean nothing, like it's no use what I do.

Existential Crisis. So pretentious.

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