Sunday, 22 June 2008

in the morning when my soul's on fire

Another week, another weekend almost over. I love sundays. Not much you can do at all, town isn't closed but closes early, no party at night (if you don't feel like it)... Cleaning the house, relaxing, doing some dishes, eating some food, I like it.

Uploading pictures on my pixbox and on the house pixbox as well. Pics from before Sweden lost, pics from when Johan and Viola was living here, pics from the party on friday, pics of River Lee... Check them out.

Now I'm gonna book my tickets back to Ireland in the end of september. Then I just might get dressed and go out a while in the sunshine, who knows.

Thinking to much makes me crazy. I don't like being this crazy but I can't stop thinking. However I try to close my mind you keep on finding your way in. And it hurts.

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