Saturday 21 June 2008

keep your shades on

I just saw Blues Brothers with Johan and Sara. (Aka. Afrika and the Squirrel.) It was so insanely cool! It's a bit unbeliavable that I havent seen it before. Ice cream and music with soul. Very nice. (I want to add that Iv'e listened to the soundtrack a lot though.)

We went out in the rain to return the shoes I bought yesterday, (yes, the "minor" shopping evolved to major shopping) that broke last night. NOT good. The heel broke off. But today was a nice day. They gave me a new couple at the store and did'nt even ask for the receipt or anything, really nice.

Nice, nice, nice. Great midsummers eve-party last night! At Ida and Hannah's, of course. I even managed to get a couple of moscito bites. Strawberries, flowers, lots and lots of swedes, like they had some kind of midsummer party-radar or something. I drank a lot of rum and fell asleep on the couch. Woke up very very confused today, and was taken care of by my lovely hosts. After buying some food we watched MacGyver, and everyone fell asleep. Eventually I made my way home and Skype-talked to mom for more than an hour.

Now it's kinda late saturday evening, and I'm looking through pics from last night and the latest couple of weeks, uploading them to pixbox within a couple of days. Also I'm listening to Alabama 3 like a mad woman. So great!

Time to sleep now.

I aint lyin', no I aint lyin'.

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