Tuesday, 24 June 2008

realizing things

Today started out bad, a million billion crappy calls an I was in a shitty mood. Got a bit cheered up though. So I got through the day.

When I got home I was... basically broken, extremely tired and not motivated to do anything. I realized something, when I was lying on Marias bed eating coconuts. (Coconut. Only one.) And all of a sudden I was extremely sad. I had to go down to my room because I almost felt like crying. I can admit that there was a correlation between the realization and the sadness. So I went to bed, listened to music and did what I usually do when I don't want to cry - I fell asleep. Not so hard since I was hysterically tired, wich was probably, if not the biggest reason the second biggest, to why I felt so extremely sad. After some time, an hour maybe, I don't know, Maria woke me up and asked if I wanted the same kind of pizza as last time. I did. Then, after another while, she woke me up again and told me that there was pizza for me in the kitchen.

And after some pizza and some icecream and having some djungelvrål thrown at me I felt a lot better.

Yesterday something happened that suprised me. And made me very happy.

And soon I'm going to go to sleep, with my window open... Just in case.

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