Sunday 2 December 2007

Home is where the house is

Sunday evening. The weekend has been very strange. Friday was crazy. We went to the office of the people who we are renting the house from to give them papers and stuff, and to tell them we wanted house number ten. The guy told us to meet him in fifteen minutes to look at number nine, and we all walked over there. After half an hour in the rain we called him and asked where he was, and he apologized and told us that he was on his way but we could go over to the pub and have a beer for a while and he would hurry, ok? Sure. One beer later we went back and found some builders who let us in to the yard. We waited outside the door for a while, and our future neighbours came out to greet us. They gave us some beer. It started raining so we went into their livingroom to wait for the guy, who actually showed up a while later, only about one and a half hour late. He made up for it by offering us house number ten. That (and maybe the two beers) made us happy.

So to celebrate; more beer at one of our favourite pubs, Sin-e. There we met Axelle, who took us to the next place, Fred Zepelin. Then An Brog. Then hamburgers I think. It's a bit unclear.

Saturday I spent sleeping, mostly, and not feeling to well. We went out again but I went home early. Sunday I have been chilling and soon I am going to grab a bite to eat, and tonight I am thinking about watching I Robot an tv.

We are going to have a white chistmas tree! With pink and blue ornaments.

Next weekend will probably even more crazy, on friday kareoke at the place where Siemen's staff gets a discount on fridays... So yeah, that might be fun, and on saturday is the big christmas party! Big dinner and two free drinks! Highly anticipated. And the weekend after that we are planning on having a housewarming party for all our friends... All four of them. No, honestly, I have made friends here quicker than I could imagine. The atmosphere is great. People are kind and happy.

And we are all looking forward to christmas! None of us will be going home, so it could be great.

Photos from London are up on Facebook.

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