Monday 10 December 2007

Actually working

Kind of. I'm on the line, at least. Not much calls though. I've answered two mails and five calls. Feels alright. Not to tricky. Not to boring.

Well, the weekend seems more interesting. Friday was a bit crazy. Shelbourne after work, after that a spontaneous party at our house. Loads of people just kept showing up somehow. Pizza, beer and intrigues. Eventually I went to bed, very happy to live on the third floor, far away from the festivities.

Saturday was great, starting with a loooong bath. Oh, did I mention, jacuzzi? Absolutely wonderful. Because good things come in plural, I was then given a cover and a pillow for my bed by a particularly sweet co-worker, followed by subway eating, shoe shopping and coffee drinking. A very good day. Then I went home to groom myself for the big night.

On the way to the bus one of the buttons fell out of my dress. This could have ruined the whole night, but fortunately Louis found a shop that actually sold small sewing kits, and he bought me one. That really made him the hero of the day. (Or the second hero maybe. Giving me a cover wins the competition.) We arrived by bus to the hotel and were welcomed with something called "mulled wine", wich was heated red wine with orange, lemon, spices and salt. Completely discusting. Dinner was better, the red wine was very good. The first course was tomato soup, wich was quite boring. The mail course was in my case a sirloin steak, supposedly cooked "medium", wich turned out to be very well done. (Well done as in very dry.) Dessert was christmas pudding, of course, wich was awful. All in all I enjoyed the meal very much.

Well, music, dancing and beer followed. And a certain amount of get-a-roomyness. it was all very amusing and nice. The party was, of course, followed by a afterparty, but I retired quite early.

Sunday was spent in very good company, watching Dead Man, the Jarmusch film from '95 starring Johnny Depp. It was very good. I really liked the photo, and the Neil Young soundtrack was great.

So after an early night I was more than prepared for my first day on the line. And here I am. Working. Kind of.

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