Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tell me what you see

No actionmovie yesterday, horrormovie instead. The second movie I've seen since I came here, almost a month ago. Black Christmas. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. In my life. No plot, no nothing, not even nakednes enough to make up for it, even though all of the characters where sororitygirls. Don't see it, see Texas Chainsaw instead, if you need blood and gore. Texas Chainsaw is a good film.

The traffic system in this city is completely insane, bordering to anarchistic. When they designed the infrastructure here they tried to make it difficult to drive here so that people would'nt. But they do anyways. The big street in the citycenter, Patrick (wich is, of course, short for St. Patrick's street) is a big, heavily trafficated three lane road, arcing trough the city like a big poisonous snake. The only way to get anywhere is to run, death defyingly, across large streets full of swiftly moving cars. If you're lucky, you'll live.

Im slowly learning to drink the water, but only if I hold my breath and think of something else. There was quite a lot of lemons left after the party on friday, and with lots of lemon and ice the water is drinkable. Otherwise I mostly drink the water from the watercoolers at work, or I buy water, even though it's expensive. I just hate the chlorine taste. I don't even like brushing my teeth in it. I can smell it when I'm showering and when I do the dishes. It smells poisonous and sharp. In Sweden I did'nt even like swimming in pools.

Since it's almost christmas, they feed us sweets every day. It's insane. I am so full all the time.

Our pay is late. It should have come in today, but it did'nt.

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