Friday 14 December 2007

Strange dreams... and also: weekend again.

So, last night was first very warm, because I turned up the heater to much, and after only half-waking and turning it off completely for some reason, very cold. So I woke up from a strange and very real nightmare with a very sore throat and a devilish headache (I always believe in that one beer, but there's allways at least three. At least when you go out with Louis).

In the dream (in the end of the dream) I was attacked by a small old lady, she grabbed my bike and I knew that she was going to kill me. I hit her with my elbow in her face, but she only got stronger, her face wrinkled wierdly and her teeth got sharp and pointy. She tried to grab my arm but I managed to get free, but I had to keep hitting her to keep her teeth away from me. I just wanted to punch her face in, break her nose, but she just kept mutating, babbling, and suddenly I was able to make out a few words from her insane ranting. I turned around and shouted to my friend (or possibly girlfriend) "Make a light!" She looked at me without comprehenshion, I kept shouting, now using all my attention to fight off the old lady who had almost trasformed completely into a tree-like monster with long, sharp teeth and fingers like sharp, spiky twigs. At some point the girl understood that she had some kind of power to help me, and between me and the tree-monster-lady a sharp, white, cold light appeared, like a silent and slow explosion, and then I woke up.

Today has been kind of slow. Or, I have been slow, there's been quite a lot of calls. 32 so far, wich really isn't much compared to, for example, Sara, who sits across the desk from me. She has maybe 60 calls per day. But since I'm new I'm on low priority, and so far I've had around 20 calls per day. Alright, I know this is not very interesting. But the point was that I have been very tired all day, but it's better now, only one hour left untill the weekend actually begins. The week has been insanely short. Tonight we party. Tomorrow I'm taking the longest bath ever.

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