Friday 7 December 2007

At the dark end of the week

The weeks are bridges between weekends. The last weekend was crazy, but it is now far away. It is very soon weekend again. A lady in the scandinavian team quits today, and she's brought lots of candy and stuff, wich is nice. Tonight there will be some going away-beer at Shelbournes. (I think I mentioned it, but Shelbournes is the pub where Siemens staff gets a discount on fridays.) After that; kareoke.

And tomorrow! Everyone is talking about what to wear. "So what are you wearing tomorrow?" asks my friend. "A dress" says I. Her boyfriend comes along. "So what are you wearing tomorrow?" he asks. Please.

Well, the house. It's great, everything has worked out good, we're having fun. From my room I see the Murphy's and Heineken brewery, we have nice kiwi neighbours, the french like to cook... And clean. I'm liking it.

And the job is nice. Friendly atmosphere. I got my place today, my computer. Later this afternoon I will have IP telephone training.

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Anonymous said...

ditt liv verkligen fick guldkant när du gav dej iväg! jag är jätteglad för din skull, njut, njut och njut! M