Friday 30 November 2007

Je ne travaille pas... Je blog.

I am learning french just by hearing it all the time. We are three in the group who does not speak french. We are eight in the group. (The group is actually split now but the Oronzo from Italy and Axelle from France speak french.) It's nice though, many people come here to learn english, I know english so I learn something else. I think I will learn lots of french since I will live with Gael and Louis.

So yesterday I was invited to dinner with some of the girls from the swedish desk, Sara, Ida and Hannah, and Sara's roomie Harriet, hwo actually happened to be the first person I talked to upon arriving in Cork almost a week ago (my god, it feels like so much more). It was Sara's birthday and she had made pie and for dessert a wonderful chocolate cake with white chocolate icing. It was sooooo good. And it felt nice but strange to speak swedish all night. I've gotten it out of my system. A funny thing was that they had to, so the switched over to english sometimes without noticing. (One of the highlights of the evening was when Sara played The Kristet Utseende.)

Today's big thing is that the guy who promised us the house actually promised us number ten, but his mother slash co-worker promised the same house to someone else and now it looks like we are going to get number nine even though we signed the contract earlier. This needs investigation. Investigation will happen. The houses are identical though, exept for the tiling in the kitchen, wich was the main reason for us to choose number ten.

In either case I will live, from wednesday, in a three-floor house with two bathrooms with jacuzzis. That's jacuzzis people. Jacuzzis. Two of them. The french (Gael and Louis) have also promised to do all the cooking. The only requirement is that no one tries to help them out (that would be annoying). Jacuzzi and private french chef. And yeah, queensize bed. And a backyard (okay, it's concrete, but you can put a table and some chairs there in the spring and theres a big mutual "deck" in the middle of the yard as well). So I'm pretty happy either way.

Now I'm going back to the swedish desk to sit silently beside Sara and listen to her as she explains to people in Sweden, England and Ireland how to open the menu on their telephone. Exitement!

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