Monday 26 November 2007

First day!

So! Today I started working. Cant say much about it 'cause we only went through safetyprocedures and bookingprocedures and contracts and stuff. But it was nice. It seemed nice. I missed most of the afternoon because I had to try and fix a pps-number. (A kind of social securitynumber I think.) So I have not learned everything I need to know about manual handling. (Lifting boxes.)

Last night I saw a kid trying to jump of a bridge. Or kid, I dont know his age but around sixteen? The Irish all look very young, he might have been twenty for all I know. A kid all the same. The police grabbed him as he was just about to go over.

I also learned last night (sunday, that is), that Pearl Jam played here Saturday night. I feel bitter.

This city has a kind of mean magic about it; it changes shape and size all the time. Cant trust the maps. I navigate by gutfeeling at all times or I get totally lost.

In Cork you can find Murphy's. It's the only place. It's worth to come here just for the Murphy's, I swear. The Murphy's you can buy in other countries is good, the red one, but it's black here. Don't know why. But so good.

Thinking about London.

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