Saturday 24 November 2007

Keepin' it surreal

(I will be blogging in english from now on since ä and the other swedish stuff is missing from the keyboard. If anyone wishes to give me a laptop, make sure it has ä and the others.)

Well, London was wonderful. I totally fell in love. What a city. I never expected it to be so... colorful, excentric, weird, beautiful... I arrived on thursday afternoon, went to Bethnal Green, took a shower and ate some food and fell asleep for four or five hours. Then I went out, on my own, explored a bit and went to keep Joakim company on Hi Sushi, where he works. Very nice place. Very very calm. I had a very big and tasty cocktail there.

On saturday we went to Tesco and bought lots of breakfast, wich we ate, than we went out. We started out with the British Museum, wich was huge, and amazing. One day there might be pics. We saw so much, it was so cool... After that we walked around for quite some time, looking at the beautiful city. We found a really cozy bar called Waxy's little sister where we had beer. Then we walked around for a while more, had Irish hamburgers and more beer, walked a lot more, looked at Tate and realized it was open! At half past nine! We saw the big crack in the floor. It was cool.

We where encouraged to look at the moon.

We saw the Globe, we walked, we saw Saint Paul's, we walked, we took the underground to Brick Lane, we had cocktails at a very nice bar, we walked back to Bethnal Green for some late night icecream and red wine.

On the way we encountered a small man who came towards us with the words "Excuse me, can I interest you in some cocaine?" We declined his offer. He called after us: "Cocaine is all you need!"

And then it was saturday and time for me to leave the city. I did, and after paying a lot of money because my bag was too heavy I flew away to the Emerald Isle, wich really was very green.

The first thing that met me as I descended the stairs from the plane to the runway was the smell of manure.

I got on a bus and then another bus and I found my way to my b&b, where I watched tv for a couple of hours. Then I got out to find something to eat, wich resulted in horrible and very expensive lamb tikka masala. And now I am here, at an internetcafe in Cork, a stranger in a strange place.

And now I'm leaving, perhaps for a beer, perhaps for some sleep.


Anonymous said...

du får allt att låta så mysigt!! puss mamma

yuchi0315 said...

Cool~ I like your articles that share a lot of your life and travel experience...thanks~