Monday, 18 February 2008

It's true

I am the proud owner of Transformers - the movie on dvd. The old one that is. ("The year is 2005...")

The weekend was mostly good. Friday was a bit boring, saturday was mostly fun. I bought eyeshadows for €32. I love them.

We had swedish dinner, meatballs, potatoes, brown sauce and cranberry sauce which is a bit like lingonsylt but not really.

Then we had an enourmous amount of wine, and then we went to the old oak and danced and drank beer. The next day everyone was extremely hung over. Most of the day was spent at Tribes, enjoying their massive amounts of food, coffee and hot chocolate.

I had a wierd dream. I dreamt I was kidnapped by a psyco killer. He poisoned his victims with halucinogenic drugs and killed them, and possibly also ate them. I managed to not eat the wierd drug filled cookies, and thereby realizing I was in danger before I was actually killed, contrary to the rest of his victims. I escaped. Then I met Joakim, and he was beaten up, his face was filled with bruises, and he was carrying a child.

Sunday evening I spent cleaning the house, and watching Monty Python and Buffy, and eating garlic bread. Amalie has been living in our house since saturday.

All is well.

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