Thursday, 28 February 2008

Do androids have nightmares of electric raptors?

Cause I had nightmares about pretty real ones tonight. I tried to hide but I new I had to run, run and keep running, don't look back just run. But I tried to hide. Behind a small table. A sofa table. Very... un-concealing.

There where so many raptors. Big, scary, slimy raptors. I just knew Jurasic Park would come back to haunt me one day. ("Clever girl..." Famoust last words.)

I the end I think there might have been raptor-bbq but that was only one of them, the bottom line was that I was never safe. Ever.

Raptors man, raptors.

Today was a kind of shitty day at work, 99.9% of all the customers where pissed off and I was tired. I made good soup (fish, lentils, carrots, potato, tomato, chilli and orange) for Hannah and Amalie (and poor Maria is alergic to fish and ate pasta) and almost cried to Grey's Anatomy 'cause that show is so fucking miserable! They're all just so bloody miserable all the time! Sheesh.


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