Friday, 15 February 2008


I hate explaining stuff. When i'ts a bout me. I hate giving excuses. If I do something wrong, and I realize it, I dont want to say anything to try to make it seem better, I dont want to explain myself. Even if there is extenuating circumstances. And if I havn't done anything wrong I'm not going to try to defend myself. Not a chance. The only reason I can see why I would ever try to defend myself is if I'm trying to cover something up or get away with something, or if someone asks me straight out why I have done something.

Also; the shame - Basshuter is on the Irish op five. And also; the amusement when my danish collegue Amalie tries to sing Boten Anna in swedish.

Now the weekend is drawing near, I prepare for going out in my new skirt. Maybe some whiskey. Maybe dancing all night. Maybe, on the other hand, staying in, making swedish meatballs and watching Alien (did I mention I bought the box? The nine disc box?) or Buffy.

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